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One-day Northeast Tour

Part 49 of 68 in a series:

Departed Tōkyō on the bullet train. Dove into the boxed lunch I bought at the station. Today’s breakfast was tatsuta-age.

Arrived in Sendai. Made appearances on two radio shows. Though it was mid-day, there was a crowd of fans at the satellite studio for the live broadcast. Was it really OK for you to miss school and work…? I was kind of worried, but thanks!

Back to Sendai Station and on the bullet train. This time the staff bought some of the amazing onigiri I had the last time I came to Sendai! Of course they were really good! I also fell in love with the cream dorayaki that I had for the first time on this trip. I ate ravenously on the short train ride. (See the first photo on the right. But it’s not as if I ate all that by myself. )

Arrived in Fukushima. Found a “Be the Stationmaster” display at the ticket gate. I put my face in and was surprised by how snugly it fit—almost creepy. (There’s a photo in the News section. Please see that page) Recorded a TV clip in Fukushima. Had an animated talk with the director about “Fist of the North Star”.

Right on back to Fukushima Station and the bullet train. Gotta keep moving.

Arrived at Kōriyama (photo #2). Off to a radio recording. The director had an interesting, unique style of giving cues.

Departed Kōriyama. Today’s fourth bullet train.

Arrived in Utsunomiya. Took a picture at the Gyōza statue. (Also on the News page. ) The surrealist concept of clothing Venus’s torso in gyōza was eye-opening.

Appeared on a live radio show in Utsunomiya. There were also spectators at this satellite studio. Afterward, recorded a comment to be played on Takashi Hamasaki’s show on Radio Berry. Mr. Hamasaki, my apologies for interrupting.

Recording at CRT Radio. After recording, got into a lively conversation with DJ Matsui, a fellow soccer fan. Came to the conclusion that hosting a show for discussion among soccer fans would be great fun.

Today’s Northeast Campaign is over! It was pretty hard, with three prefectures in one day. A job well done?! The staff and I went out to enjoy Utsunomiya’s famous gyōza. It was amazingly tasty! The fried gyōza brushed with salt was the best. (Photos #3 and #4)

Departed Utsunomiya. Today’s fifth and final bullet train took us back to Tōkyō. This fun, delicious One-day Northeast Tour reached a pleasant end. Everyone, thank you for listening to “A Jet Waiting for Wind” / “Spica”!


Part 49 of 68 in a series: