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A Jet Waiting for Wind / Spica

Part 48 of 68 in a series:

Both songs in my latest single, “A Jet Waiting for Wind” / “Spica”, feature lyrics written by yours truly.

The idea of two people being truly “connected”.
The enormous potential asleep within everyone.
The idea of having someone to whom you can show not only strength, but weakness as well.
The feeling of wanting to be that kind of person for someone else.

These are the things I felt anew through working on last year’s album, “Loop in the Evening Calm”, and the limited concert tour for my fan club.

These days, even a great distance is no barrier to contacting someone, it’s possible to go shopping without seeing anyone, and you can form something like a friendship without even knowing the other person’s name. We live in a world of varied modes of communication. These things are becoming such a part of daily life that denying or rejecting them is no use. I can’t deny that I make use of them when it’s convenient.

However, in my concerts I experienced the immense power and intensity of the weaving together of memories and time with people directly in front of me. This instantly eclipses the layers of convenience-oriented communication.

Late though my realization may be, I’m convinced that we creatures called human beings are made for such things as conveying that which cannot be put into words through facial expressions, sharing something with each other through the sensation of touch, and communicating with each other through vibrations of invisible air.

When communication is based on convenience, I tend to only summarize my best points. When I text someone, I pay tremendous attention to how I look in the recipient’s eyes and phrase my message accordingly. Before long I’ve set myself up as slightly more attractive than my true self, but this doesn’t work when I’m face-to-face with someone. Even a slight gesture or inflection betrays a lot. But I don’t see anything wrong with this. I think this is the best part of being human.

“A Jet Waiting for Wind”, with its soaring sense of freedom,
and “Spica”, with its crescendo of passion in the midst of calm.

I wrote many different feelings into these lyrics, and as you listen, I hope they echo within you as well.


Part 48 of 68 in a series: