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World Cup, Part 5: Chapter of Weeping

Part 17 of 68 in a series:

I wept. But I wasn’t crying over a loss.

Japan lost to Turkey today. But I’m tremendously thankful to this year’s World Cup for showing me just how entertaining soccer is. I feel emboldened when I see the players competing, impressed when I watch amazing plays (even those made by athletes not from Japan), and reminded of the value of sports with each match I see. I learned the names of many athletes from around the world, and I figured out most of the rules. I hadn’t watched much soccer until now, but I definitely want to go see a game in a stadium someday. I sincerely applaud Coach Troussier and the Japan National Team for their moving performance!!

There was another event, the one I cried over.

South Korea won!!! I’m supporting South Korea just as much as Japan, so at 8:30 I was in front of the TV cheering them on with every last shred of my heart and soul. I cheered so hard I nearly lost my voice—not good, as performances for the musical start the day after tomorrow. That was close.

But my cheers reached all the way across the ocean! What an amazing match by South Korea!!! Of course I also wanted Italy to do well, but I like Ahn Jung-Hwan, and I was moved to tears when he scored that goal at the end. Ahhhh, what a game. People of South Korea, congratulations!! I won’t miss the next match! If I could I’d fly to South Korea to watch it in person… But I can’t, so I’m going to cheer them on from Japan. Play hard!!

That being said, the Italian team is full of handsome players!! They’re so manly. But they play kind of recklessly, so it was nerve-wracking to watch. It must hurt to get hit with one of those knees. Scary.

My favorite player this time was the Italian keeper. He’s sharp. And really good!! Just amazing. #20 for South Korea looked a little like Kō Machida and was pretty cool, I guess. I didn’t get a good look at him. But he can’t compare to Ahn Jung-Hwan, who I’ve had my eye on for a while. He’s quite the attention magnet. And Japan’s Matsuda was also lovely today. Hehehe. But you know, it’s not like that’s the only thing I’m paying attention to.

Actually, I get a lot of fan mail from South Korea. It would seem there are some who listen to my music there. I’m so happy to know that! I’m sure a lot of people feel that this year’s World Cup has helped to shrink the distance between Japan and South Korea. I’ve always been very interested in Japan’s relationship with South Korea. I think the problem is not to debate what to forgive, but for both sides to first make an effort to know the truth. It’s important for everyone to accept the past and move on with life in the present. “Knowing” is extremely critical. My suggestion to anyone who isn’t clear on the history of Japan and South Korea is to take this opportunity to look up some books and read up on it. If you’re curious about something I expect you can find out whatever you want, even if it’s not from a textbook.

Japan is out, but the FIFA World Cup is still going on. As the host country, let’s sincerely cheer on each country for the rest of the tournament.


Part 17 of 68 in a series: