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World Cup, Part 2

Part 14 of 68 in a series:


They won they won they won!! Way to go Japan!!

Once again I’m beside myself with excitement. Although I had never watched soccer until now and used to be soccer-illiterate, I rushed home from work today. When I reached the house and checked the TV it was right at half time, and Japan was hanging on in a 0 – 0 tie. Time to cheer! I put everything I had into it. I cheered like never before. And just look—Japan won! Amazing, just amazing. I’m so thrilled. It feels good to win. I never knew soccer was this much fun. Viva soccer!! I love it!!

But I can’t stop watching the interpreter next to Coach Troussier. He makes me curious. He really makes me curious.


Part 14 of 68 in a series: