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Fun Things All Around

Part 9 of 68 in a series:

Yeterday evening I went out to eat with Sudopaa (she did backing vocals at Tanabota LIVE 2 and School Festival LIVE. Refer to the “12 Kind People” section on this site for more info) and the Victor staff. I wanted to treat them to a nice meal to say thanks for working on my home page. The conversation at this all-girl event lasted well into the night, so I didn’t get home until very late. Mother, father—I’m sorry I’m such a poor daughter.

But it was a very enjoyable dinner. Sudopaa won the prize for the most surprising revelation of the night. Can you believe that more than ten years ago she appeared on a certain impersonation talent show on TV, where she sang Yoshie Kashiwabara’s “Hello Goodbye”? And what’s more, she won the grand prize—a vacation package in Hawaii! Who could have imagined?

By the way, my director Inoue, who appears in the first segment of “12 Kind People”, had a birthday last week. Since Yōko Kanno’s birthday is next week, we had a party for both of them the other day. They both looked very happy with the presents I picked out. Thank goodness.

My birthday is at the end of this month. They say the cherry trees will flower early this year, so they might be in full bloom for my birthday.

Once again the sakura season is nearly upon us.


Part 9 of 68 in a series: