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Good News

Part 8 of 68 in a series:

To kick off the revamped “id” today, I have some news I want to announce. I’m officially going to graduate from college this year!! Despite fretting over the 30 credit hours left in my senior year and facing the real chance of missing graduation, it paid to not give up and stick it out to the end. No, really. I really did work hard, you know.

My first CD came out when I was in my second year of high school. I’m enormously thankful for everyone at the agency and the staff who, in the six years since then, cooperated to arrange everything so I could attend school during that time. Were it not for this gracious understanding of many people I wouldn’t have been able to follow my dreams to college and graduate as planned in four years.

Balancing two jobs was actually much tougher than I had pictured before I entered college. I regret not having enough time to take part in what some say is the best part of college—circles and school festivals—but I met many good friends, and everyone sincerely supported me when they found out I had a job.

I’m also grateful my parents let me go to college. Although I made them anxious over whether I would graduate until the very end, perhaps this announcement can make up for some of that.

During my time as a student I was nothing but a bother for many people, and I relied on others for support. That time ends this spring, and I’ll finally begin my time as a full member of society! I can’t use the title of student as an excuse any longer. Beside, I’m going to be 22 at the end of this month. While I’m constantly treated as a child by the adults around me, I’m sometimes pushed out on my own, and lately I’ve wished it would be one or the other. But I’m certain I’ll grow out of this as I grow inwardly. Either way, everything up to now was a rehearsal. Now I suppose the real performance starts.

Along the way something else happened, and it may have been because I let my guard down after my biggest concern was erased. Actually, I came down with the flu. I had a fever of 102°F [39°C] for three days. It was so bad I couldn’t stand. It looks like it’s making the rounds, so please take care of yourself. By this morning my fever had gone down considerably, so I’m taking some time to write. I couldn’t wait any longer to announce my graduation, and I also wanted to get this new “id” column off the ground. “the id” is going to be updated irregularly from now on. Don’t forget to check back often.


Part 8 of 68 in a series: