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First Dream

Part 7 of 68 in a series:

Here we are in 2002. Let’s have another great year!

Now then, did you have your first dream of the year? Do you remember? What kind of dream was it? I remember mine. This is what it was like.

I was waiting alone at a bus stop on a day that was so windy I could barely stay standing. I hated to be out in the gusting wind, but there was someplace I had to go, and I was anxious to get there. To make things worse, the bus didn’t show up at the scheduled time. Walking to my destination was out of the question, and I hadn’t seen any taxis. There wasn’t even a place to shelter me while I waited. As I struggled to brace myself against the wind, I finally caught sight of the bus!

At last! I thought, but something wasn’t right. The bus, buffeted by the wind, wasn’t driving a straight line. At times it nearly rolled on its side. No way I’m getting on that bus, I thought, and just then the destination sign switched to “Out of Service” and the bus departed on a side street.

Ack! Now how am I supposed to get there? I was dumbfounded. But for some reason the bus driver was heading my way on a bicycle. He stopped in front of me and pointed to the cargo rack. “Get on!” he said.

Handing my bus fare to the driver, I hopped on the back of the bicycle and said, “To the station!” The driver started pedaling at considerable speed. We sailed through the town, undaunted by the fierce wind that had given so much trouble to the bus. I awoke just as we pulled up in front of the station.

Kind of a funny dream, isn’t it? As he pedaled, the driver’s face showed intense determination. He seemed to be struggling, and since he was working so hard I made a mental note to thank him later.

This dream intrigued me so much I looked it up in a dream book. First, a strong wind in one’s dream is a sign of fights and arguments, and typhoons are apparently very bad luck! But wait, it says here that “standing up to the wind signifies achieving your goals regardless of hardship and adversity.” And here it says that “a dream of riding a bicycle means that everything will work out as you think!” So my first dream of the year suggests possible adversity, but also that I’ll have a good year and be able to reach my goals?!

Well, that’s just amazing. Looks like 2002 is going to be great. I’ll give it my best!! But who exactly does that bus driver represent in real life? Perhaps someone who will lend me a hand this year when I encounter troubles? Hmm.

Well then, I hope we can continue to use this “I.D.” site this year to put out lots of news and fun stuff, and try out new ideas. We might even hold prize drawings and put on web shows like last year (!), so don’t forget to check back frequently.

Still, to think that it’s already been half a year since the redesign last August. Time flies, doesn’t it? This column that began as the “I.D. Advancement Panel” is now called “the id”. It’s up to 21 entries since starting two years ago, and we’re going to spruce things up a little in 2002!

With each entry I’ve recorded my random thoughts in a lengthy fashion, and thanks to this section I’ve been able to commit to words feelings that I normally can’t convey. I really value having this space.

In case you’re wondering, “id” means “the source of instinctive impulses”. Within my heart I find unmasked emotions that change second by second: an incessant spring of interests and desires. I want to take these parts of me that no one can repress and where my actions have their roots, and entrust them to words written here. This is the idea behind the title “id”. I’d like to express the essence of what I feel with each moment—free from constraints of form, and without concern for varying lengths and styles.

Which means that starting next time, “the id” will be updated on an irregular basis. The flip side is that I think I’ll be able to post updates more often. To put it simply, this might end up being somewhat of a diary for me. But either way, despite the change in approach, the spirit of the I.D. Advancement Panel won’t go away. I still aim to preserve here traces of my neverending “id”—“the source of instinctive impulses”.

Please bear with us as we complete the redesign. I truly appreciate your continued reading.

Until next time,


Part 7 of 68 in a series: