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Recording in London

Part 11 of 15 in a series:

I recently spent ten days in London for recording. It was my first trip overseas.

With it being my first trip overseas it might sound a tad hasty to state this here, but I’m positive London and I are a great match! The coolness of London in early autumn fit perfectly with my dislike of hot weather. At the time Japan was still mired in summer’s ending heat, of which I had had quite enough. So from the moment we stepped outsite Heathrow Airport I had more energy than a fish tossed into water. The time of year when your breath turns white is the best!

And so I began my days in London with a spring in my step from the start. Yet I faltered when I first faced the obvious reality of a land where no one understands Japanese. Naturally I knew this beforehand, but experiencing it in person turned out to be more inconvenient and lonesome than I thought. Initially I felt intimidated and tried to resolve matters with as few words as possible, but over time I gradually forced myself to step forward and communicate little by little with people, despite my broken English.

I regretted not being able to say anything more than simple greetings to the assistants and musicians I worked with in the studio. I wanted to tell them how happy I was to have them working on my album, but I couldn’t think of how to say it. Not knowing the words to express my feelings of happiness and thanks was frustrating.

My goal before I go overseas for recording again is to expand my vocabulary and become at least a little better at expressing those thoughts.

London’s typical image is that of rain and fog, so I had been anticipating long periods of hardly any sunshine. But when I arrived the weather was spectacular! Even rain seemed to pass quickly, leaving behind a clear blue sky. Apparently that kind of weather was rare, so I counted it as a stroke of good fortune. Thanks to the weather I was able to enjoy sightseeing.

I rode a double-decker bus around the city, and also visited museums and churches. I crossed London bridge, stopped by Harrods, and toured all the most famous places. Afterward I sampled some amazing Chinese food in Chinatown and shopped on Portobello Road. Of course I was there on business, but I had more time to relax than I thought I would, and I’m so glad I was able to take in all of London.

Just thinking about it as I’m writing this makes me want to fly back to London right now. That time in London was so wonderful I can’t find words to express how wonderful it was. I want to build a second home in London. It’s such a great place! I wonder when I’ll be able to go again. I’m already looking forward to that day.
Going to a foreign country is very inspiring, and it expands one’s view of the world.
The numerous places visited over one’s lifetime, the people met, the foods tasted, and the scenery taken in turn out to be an important and influential part of life, don’t they? I learned this firsthand on this trip. So from now on my dream is to travel to as many countries as I can.

I supremely enjoyed those ten days spent with my trusted, friendly staff. They were unforgettable. The songs recorded with that happiness are planned as tracks on my next album. Just wait ‘til you hear them!


Part 11 of 15 in a series: