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Part 9 of 15 in a series:

That’s right.

On August 14 I’ll have my first concert at Shibuya ON AIR EAST.


Until now I haven’t wanted to put on a live show, but for whatever reason around last year the idea started to intrigue me, and I felt like giving it a shot. My supportive staff, on hearing me talk about wanting to do a concert, really got behind the idea.


But as I considered it on a more detailed level, I’m after all new to this, and having seen only a few concerts myself I was at a loss as to how to go about things.

But now I finally have pictures forming in my mind, and we’re working through plans.

Just wait ‘til you see what we’re cooking up. At any rate, it would be great if it’s the kind of concert I myself can enjoy putting on.

I went to see a concert recently. As I wrote above, I haven’t been to many concerts until now. The concert I went to starred an amazing blues artist by the name of Buddy Guy. However, I actually didn’t know anything about him. I went mainly for the opening act, a girl named Shannon Curfman.

I’ve played songs from this 14-year-old guitarist on my radio show. She has a powerful voice, and naturally looks cool with her guitar. On the day of the concert I rushed over after I got off work, but unfortunately I missed the start of the show. So I was able to hear only her last two songs, and as I was standing in the back I could catch only a few glimpses of her. Plus all around me were tall foreigners, so even standing on my toes didn’t help me see her. But the sonorous, unstrained quality to her voice was unmistakable.

At just over 14, and in a concert hall in a foreign country no less, to sing with that much confidence in front of a full crowd shows undeniable strength.

It looked so fun! I was sure I had to do a live performance of my own.

Buddy Guy’s following performance was also very entertaining. Despite not knowing English I could laugh at his jokes, and his constant enthusiasm for pleasing the crowd and his music left me with a wonderful impression.

Going to this concert taught me exactly how tiring it is to stand the whole time. I also learned that depending on where you stand, there are still places where you can’t see at all.

I tend to go to concerts put on by people I know, so I get to watch from good seats. Standing for an entire show was a first for me. My upcoming concert will also be standing-only. I suppose the audience will get worn out. Hang in there. I’ll sing songs to please even those who can’t seeā€”lots of wonderful songs so you feel tired not from standing but from excitement, so I’m sure you’ll feel a good kind of exhaustion.

So whether you’re far away, a boy or a girl, in poverty or stuck in school, everyone please come to see me. I’m on the lookout for those who will come enjoy this special, once-in-a-lifetime first concert with me.

Maaya Sakamoto: TANABOTA LIVE 1.

I promise to make it a great show.


Part 9 of 15 in a series: