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Part 2 of 15 in a series:

Here I am again, taking the easy way out by writing about December just because it’s December. But when I sit down to write, I find it’s not that easy. After all, I don’t really have much to do in December.

I’ve never felt that December is especially busy. Perhaps the year-end rush is all too familiar for full-fledged members of society, but I’m a student. For me, the increase in construction work is how I know December has arrived.

Unicorn’s “Town Where It Snows” is the song I most associate with December.
Not a year goes by that I don’t listen to it around this time.

I’ve been a fan of Unicorn for a long time. I think I first heard them in junior high. Or maybe in grade school. I also listen much of to Tamio Okuda’s music. I love his work. When I was in high school, there was a Tamio poster in the window of a CD shop I passed on the way to school. I wanted it so much, and I secretly schemed to hang it in the classroom. One day I went into the shop and spoke with the manager. “When you take down that poster, could you please let me have it?” As it turned out, someone else had already reserved it. It was a major disappointment. It just goes to show how popular Tamio was.

Music and memory share a deep connection, don’t they? I’m sure everyone has that one song that brings back memories every time it’s played. For me, the Blue Hearts’ “Blue Sky” reminds me of my years in elementary school. For junior high it’s Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, and for high school it’s “Break These Chain” by Chara. And in case you’re wondering, my number one love memory song is Yumi Matsutōya’s “HELLO MY FRIEND”. Such a classic.

Yet it feels odd that even people who listen to my music attach their own memories to each song. My music carries with it the memories of hundreds of people, and because of that I imagine each person listens to my songs in a unique way.

I’ve strayed from the theme of December, but anyway, every December finds me leisurely passing the time with “Town Where It Snows”. Far from being a busy season, for me December is instead the time of year when I can kick back and relax. Winter break starts in the middle of the month, and then I can go shopping, watch movies, see plays….

I also plan to spend a lot of time with friends this year.

I wonder if I’ll think of December as a busy time when I’m older.

Now then, I have a CD that comes out this December. Single Collection+ HACHIPOCHI. It’s packed full of goodness.

This crystallization of my teenage years ―a real treasure. I hope you’ll give it a listen.

Don’t miss it.


Part 2 of 15 in a series: