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Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall

Bedtime Story, Part 12

Part 12 of 12 in a series:
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0:00 Saturn, the unlucky star, is controlling my life?

0:08 Something’s not right here.

0:12 What she’s saying isn’t realistic. 0:16 It’s not as if I believe everything about astrology. 0:23 I hear that long ago, people tried to discover their fate by watching the stars, and from that process the study of astronomy was born. 0:35 But those days are long since gone. 0:39 If astrology is the mother of astronomy, then today the child called Science has by now gained complete independence and killed its ancestor. 0:52 This is how I see it. 0:54 So I can’t just simply believe in it.

1:01 But Shiina’s eyes tell me she’s serious.

1:07 Whatever astrology may say, she believes.

1:12 That she can alter the course of things—even my destiny.

1:18 That by doing something about Saturn, the symbol of death, I’ll be saved.

1:29 “For instance, what if I destroy Saturn at the time of the Solar System’s formation? 1:38 If I do that, Saturn should disappear from your horoscope….”

1:45 Does she really mean that?

1:48 Of course the look in her eyes said she does.

1:54 “In order to step back into the past and do that, it’s necessary for the reach of my thoughts to go beyond the place where they can surpass time: the Temporal Horizon. 2:07 From there I could launch supermassive objects in Saturn’s direction. 2:14 But I stopped short of carrying this out. 2:19 Because if I had destroyed Saturn, there was a possibility Saturday would also disappear….

2:29 “That’s right. 2:32 Saturday. 2:34 Saturday might vanish completely….

2:40 “The modern concept of the week and its days is said to have been set up sometime around the first century B.C. 2:47 At the time, it was thought that seven stars—the Sun, Moon, and Mercury through Saturn, minus the Earth—guarded the land in hour-long intervals. 3:01 That was the origin of the idea of the days of the week.

3:07 “If I were to destroy Saturn, there’s a chance that a week would become six days long, and the idea of Saturday, which took its name from Saturn, would disappear. 3:20 That all-night film marathon on Saturday, the night I first met you and started to talk with you, would be as though it had never happened…. 3:33 It would be as though we had never met….”

3:41 So that’s why….

3:44 I can accept what she says about the chance of losing a day of the week.

3:49 Since it’s not in the realm of the mystic, but based on a consideration of astronomy and history.

Part 12 of 12 in a series: