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Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall

Bedtime Story, Part 8

Part 8 of 12 in a series:
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0:00 Still, does a mere change in the outcomes of astrology influence personality like that? 0:11 I have my doubts, but Shiina keeps her gaze on the floor as she nervously fiddles with her fingers, like a child braced for a scolding. 0:22 She’s convinced that she manipulated my attitude toward love, and she apparently feels guilt over this. 0:31 I think she’d be better off writing a letter of apology for moving the twelve signs to serve her own interests. 0:40 Such an act is tantamount to sacrilege. 0:43 Even Galileo Galilei would weep at the thought.

0:47 No…hold on….

0:52 Something’s not right….

0:55 If she tampered with the constellations in ancient times, then not just trivial things like my views on love, but also countless important choices should have changed at the same time. 1:09 For instance, weren’t there some countries in the distant past that started wars and made changes to national policy based on astrology? 1:21 History should have changed. 1:24 Yet the fact that she and I are still here like this is almost too convenient.

1:33 “I wondered about that too, so I looked into it. 1:36 Several parts of ancient history have changed. 1:41 However, the closer to modern times you look, the fewer changes there are. 1:48 Even supposing countless alterations appeared from changing the night sky, they are slight, and it might be that over time, the course of the vast river that is history becomes unchangeably fixed.”

2:06 This clears up some things. 2:09 Such as the fact that extraterrestrial life forms never show up in the bedtime stories she’s told so far. 2:18 Assuming her stories of the Universe are all things she personally experienced, it would essentially mean that even with her ability to see into the past and the future, she couldn’t find extraterrestrial life forms.

2:34 What a disheartening thought.

2:38 To think that in the utter darkness of this vast Universe, no one else exists besides us….

Part 8 of 12 in a series: