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Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall

Bedtime Story, Part 7

Part 7 of 12 in a series:
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0:00 From her chair, Shiina tells tonight’s bedtime story. 0:08 Except that, according to her, this is apparently no fairy tale, but something that actually happened. 0:17 Is this really possible?

0:20 Whether it is or not, based on her explanation, in Western astrology, the alignments of the stars at the time of a person’s birth determine the fate of his entire life.

0:35 The factors which make this determination are the ten planets and the twelve signs.

0:43 Each of the ten planets, from Mercury to Pluto, excluding the Earth and including the Sun and the Moon, is said to have its own significance. 0:55 For example, Mars stands for bravery and aggression, Mercury for intellect, and Jupiter for prosperity. 1:06 Which sign these planets are positioned in is key.

1:12 The twelve signs also have their own meanings. 1:17 Libra, for example, represents sociability and harmony, while Sagittarius stands for a longing for freedom and things distant. 1:28 At the time of my birth, Venus, which governs one’s concept of ideal love, was apparently in Taurus, which signifies gentleness and a longing to possess. 1:40 In other words, it would seem the things I look for in love tend to be a person around whom I can relax and a relationship that develops peacefully. 1:51 Admittedly this is what I want, and also how I feel when Shiina is with me.

2:00 Yet she looked downcast as she spoke almost apologetically:

2:08 “Senpai, I’m sorry. 2:13 Your attitude toward love is something I altered. 2:19 Had I not shifted the positions of the twelve signs, I expect you would have wished for a more passionate romance. 2:29 But I thought if that were the case, your personality wouldn’t have been a good match for mine….”

2:39 In essence, what Shiina did was this: 2:44 she reached out beyond the Solar System and, on the other side of the Temporal Horizon, shifted the positions of the signs prior to the emergence of mankind.

2:58 She tells me that originally, at the time I emerged from my mother’s womb, Aries was behind Venus. 3:08 In that case, I should have sought out a passionate relationship. 3:15 Fact or fiction aside, she believes this to be true.

3:20 And so she shifted all of the twelve signs that encircle the Earth by thirty degrees each. 3:31 This resulted in the adjacent Taurus sliding into Aries’ position. 3:38 The sign behind Venus shifted by one place, and my idea of a perfect relationship changed to one which is peaceful, or so Shiina insists. 3:49 And thus we became close to one another….

Part 7 of 12 in a series: