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Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall
Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall

Bedtime Story, Part 6

Part 6 of 12 in a series:
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0:00 I call the point where my ability becomes powerful enough to surpass time the Temporal Horizon. 0:10 At any location far removed from Earth and beyond the Temporal Horizon, I could reach into the past or the future and create planets and stars. 0:22 I could also, in the Universe’s distant future, take away stars from galaxies with the slightest thought…or add more stars…or even make black holes collide with each other.

0:35 But…it would seem this ability has limits which I have yet to comprehend. 0:44 For instance, there is a planet I made tens of thousands of years ago on a whim and then forgot about, but when I changed my mind and tried to get rid of it, for some reason it wouldn’t go away. 0:57 There are also some galaxies that blur and fade from view the more I focus my thoughts on them. 1:05 As to why these sorts of exceptions exist, I have no idea.

1:10 I wonder—for what purpose was I given this sort of power? 1:17 To be honest, it has no use in everyday life. 1:22 I am powerless to save a child about to be struck by a car. 1:27 The most I can do is something like sending dust into the nose of a professor I don’t like and making him sneeze.

1:36 It would be just as well if I didn’t have this ability.

1:41 And then something happened one day.

1:44 I talked with you for the first time….

1:51 At that movie theater where, only on Saturdays, they show classic films late into the night. 2:00 No one else besides you and me was there. 2:06 If it weren’t for that Saturday showing, I expect we would still be strangers…. 2:13 But I was timid. 2:18 I didn’t have the courage to reveal my true feelings to you. 2:22 Even after becoming acquainted with you, I just couldn’t feel confident in the person I was…. 2:29 My nervousness showed through, and afterward I felt discouraged…. 2:34 My existence may rival that of a god’s at the edge of the Universe, but in this town, I am a withdrawn, small human being who cannot even say what she wants to.

2:47 How can I lessen the distance between you and me?!

2:52 While I was worrying over this, I happened to see in a bookstore a text on astrology.

3:01 Astrology…!

3:04 That’s it!

3:06 Astrology!

3:08 If I can shift the positions of the stars spread across the night sky….

3:13 Would I not be able to freely choose even the predictions of astrology?

3:19 That was the beginning of my plan to move the stars and bring us closer together.

Part 6 of 12 in a series: