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Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall
Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall

Bedtime Story, Part 5

Part 5 of 12 in a series:
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0:00 I am not limited to psychokinesis. 0:03 I can do various other things as well. 0:07 Even such things as creating matter where nothing existed…. 0:14 When I was bored with a university lecture, to pass the time I would conjure in the galaxy next to ours or in the galaxy next to that one a planet formed from a mass of pure gold, or arrange twin planets of platinum and mercury….

0:30 Of course it wasn’t as if I was watching these sights with my eyes. 0:36 When I reached out with my thoughts, the view from there would form with unearthly detail in my mind. 0:45 It was as if the behavior of stars and the motions of every molecule were within my grasp….

0:53 I could create planets and see everything….

0:58 I controlled a power belonging to the gods….

1:03 I, who on any other day might buy onigiri at a convenience store or trip and scrape my knee….

1:12 But I have more to tell. 1:16 This may come as a surprise. 1:19 The truth is…at the point I reached beyond our galaxy, anything and everything became crystal-clear in my sight, and I became intimately aware of even the paths electrons had traversed until then and the paths they would most likely follow from there. 1:40 As if the clouds had parted, my vision expanded to include not only the present state, but past and future states as well. 1:52 To put it another way, I had come to a point where absolutely everything became all too visible, and in the end I found myself able to observe even the course of time. 2:06 I could see such things as the time from a particular star’s birth until its death, simultaneously and in a single glance.

2:14 No, I could do more than just see it. 2:18 When I tried casting my thoughts ever further and focused on a single point tens of thousands of years in the past, it was even possible for me to form new stars. 2:31 Yes. 2:33 I was able to surpass time and freely create parts of the Universe.

2:41 I’ve told this to neither my family nor my friends.

2:49 It’s a secret, just between you and me….

Part 5 of 12 in a series: