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Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall
Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall

Bedtime Story, Part 4

Part 4 of 12 in a series:
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0:00 That evening, when I turned on the television, a soccer match was being broadcast. 0:08 It was a live relay via satellite of a game taking place in a stadium in South America. 0:15 At a location one Earth diameter in distance from me—in other words, 12,700 kilometers—the match was happening in real time. 0:28 If my psychokinetic ability truly becomes stronger with greater distance, then with this much separation I should be able to move something the size of a soccer ball. 0:40 I stared into the television and clenched my fists.

0:48 ……Move!

0:52 As I watched, in my mind there appeared a cloudy image of the scene around the soccer ball. 1:01 Like a static-filled picture, it was a hazy view, but it was as though I were looking through the eyes of a god; I could see the ball’s surroundings and even its internal structure, all at the same time. 1:18 My thoughts formed an invisible, giant hand and gently brushed against the ball.

1:28 The next moment—no, after the time lag caused by the satellite relay—on the screen the ball, which had been passed to a teammate, began to rapidly pick up speed. 1:41 It glided across the ground, tracing the exact trajectory I had imagined, and after slipping through the legs of several players, at last entered the goal. 1:53 The crowd rose as one, and the player who kicked the ball was left with a dumbstruck look amid a shower of applause and cheers.

2:07 Senpai…please don’t fall asleep yet, OK?

2:14 Because this story…it isn’t a bedtime story.

2:20 This is something I experienced, that actually happened.

2:28 “On the barren surface of the Moon, there is a sketch that looks as if someone drew it with his finger. 2:35 It is a picture of a rabbit and a frog: in essence, a reproduction of the Chōjū-giga.”

2:43 I told you a story like this one night before you fell asleep. 2:49 I have to confess that the one who drew that picture was me.

2:57 My ability came with the special property that it becomes stronger, infinitely stronger, at distances further and further from my own body. 3:09 I was able to stretch the reach of my mind away from the Earth and even beyond the Moon. 3:16 Were I to leave the Solar System and add to my distance until I reached the stars in our galaxy, my ability would become powerful without limit, and I would be able to take even planets the size of Jupiter, many times larger than the Earth, and move them left or right exactly as I would move dust, or a soccer ball. 3:41 Were I to leave our galaxy and go to the very ends of the Universe, I imagine I would even be able to toss about the galaxies themselves.

Part 4 of 12 in a series: