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Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall
Maaya Sakamoto's Full Moon Recital Hall

Bedtime Story, Part 1

Part 1 of 12 in a series:
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0:00 When I was a child, as I fell asleep my mother would sit beside my bed and tell me fairy tales.

0:11 Today, Shiina sits next to me and tells me bedtime stories.

0:20 I turn my ear to her and let myself fall into her voice.

0:27 I carry her voice to the edge of space.

0:33 On and on, forever….

0:37 To the other side of the night….

0:40 I carry her voice….

0:46 Shiina is her last name; her first is Akari. 0:51 Her hobby is creating stories and turning them into novels. 0:56 That, and astrology. 1:00 Although I’ve never read a novel she’s written, nor have I once had her tell my fortune. 1:08 She’s a university classmate one year below me. 1:13 Shiina and I, upon meeting on a certain Saturday, started to talk with each other, and then to share meals in the cafeteria and walk home together. 1:27 Lately, on nights when I can’t fall asleep, Shiina sits by my pillow and tells me bedtime stories. 1:38 But rather than fairy tales, hers are fanciful stories about outer space.

1:46 For instance, a story about a golden planet. 1:51 According to her, somewhere in the universe there exists a planet made of pure gold.

2:00 Or a story about two charming little twin planets of platinum and mercury.

2:07 Or the time when space was shaken into a gelatinous state by a collision of black holes.

2:14 She tells me that in her high school days she liked to read science fiction. 2:20 Perhaps these are stories she imagined then.

2:25 One day, I asked her to introduce extra-terrestrial life into her stories. 2:32 If they’re made-up stories, I expect she wouldn’t mind bringing aliens into them. 2:38 However she adamantly refuses this. 2:44 One night, the night of a meteor shower, I found out why.

Part 1 of 12 in a series: