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(Untitled) Letter from Maaya

Part 68 of 68 in a series:

I imagine many have been through truly frightening experiences due to the earthquake. I also imagine that even now there are still countless people who are passing the days in unease and worry. To those affected by the disaster, I wish to express my heartfelt sympathies.

I am praying intensely. That as many as possible would come through unscathed. That the dark, cold nights would end quickly, and that a day would come when you can sleep peacefully. That all Japanese, not just those in the affected areas, would join their hearts together and be able to overcome this disaster.

The things I can do may be all too small, but even so I want to earnestly consider what it is I can do and take action. I feel that each of us must now bring whatever he or she can do in the support of each other.

I deeply regret that we were unable to hold the concerts in Sendai and Sapporo.

To those of you who were looking forward to the concerts, I’m certain we will meet again. So I ask that you please stay well until that time. I’ll devote myself to that day as well. I’ll spend each of my days from now, one at a time, thinking about what songs I want to sing for you, what I want us to sing together, and picturing spending that enjoyable time with everyone. As you count off the days in your own lives until then, join with me in building up to that day.

The neighborhoods of Tōkyō are also in disarray and shock from events no one has ever experienced. Though the constant stream of saddening news pains my heart, I want to keep my heart from being filled by just that, and focus on my feelings of thanks for what I have now. I’ll imagine scenes overflowing with laughter and music. I’ll keep walking toward that destination. I’ll put everything into what I can do now, and in the face of frustration and suffering, I’ll think about how I’m preparing for that beautiful future which will eventually come.

Let us each cherish our lives, use carefully our food and resources, and live with gratitude for each today. Those who can work, work resolutely as you stand up to reality. If someone you love is nearby, embrace that miracle. In these very times, let us realize anew that we are each one of the gears that turns this world, and let us bear that responsibility.

To those reading this now, thank you for being there. I’m pushing myself onward, knowing I too must step out from here. This is no time for someone like me to be depressed. Not only as a singer, but also as a person, I’ll hold onto hope unceasing as I prepare for the certain arrival of that bright day.

Maaya Sakamoto

Part 68 of 68 in a series: