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IDS! Newsletter #28
IDS! Newsletter #28

1995→2010: Seems like things haven't changed, but maybe they have? Looking back on 15 years!

With Newsletter #28’s 15th anniversary feature entitled “Maaya Sakamoto 1995→2010”, we thought we’d list up a comparison of what things have changed in what way over 15 years. Enjoy!

15 years ago Today
Name you get called by Maaya, Maaya-san Maaya, Maaya-chan, Maaya-san, Sakamossan
Hairstyle Black, short bob (curly) Black, bob (straight)
Pet phrase Flat-out hilarious Hilarious
Hobbies Long conversations on the phone and reading Traveling and reading
Cell phone No one had anything like that yet I use two
Computer No computer, but I had a word processor A MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air
Exercise The school handball team (3–4 times a week) Jogging, every once in a while
Drink you often buy Lipton milk tea, in cartons Starbucks’ soy caffè misto or a double tall soy latte
Breakfast A pastry Soy milk, or sometimes nothing
Specialty dish Never cooked before Various Japanese foods
Your type of guy, if you chose someone famous Issei Ishida Hiroshi Abe, Kuranosuke Sasaki, and lately Osamu Mukai too
Pet A parrot named Pii-chan None
Wallet Something I bought at a variety store A Louis Vuitton
TV I didn’t have a TV in my room, so I listened to radio all the time. A 40-inch LCD TV I won playing bingo at the “Kara no Kyōkai” wrap-up party.
TV show Atsushi Watanabe’s Building Quest”, “Feelin’ Real Good General news shows. Also, when Summers is on I can’t not watch.
Portable music player I’m pretty sure I had an MD Walkman. Wait—maybe I was still listening to cassettes? iPod nano
Comedians Itsuji Itao Summers, Waraimeshi
Music I was hooked on Queen I don’t usually listen to music all that much
Disliked foods Melons, ramen, persimmons, sōmen, the pineapple in sweet and sour pork, and numerous other things. Same as 15 years ago. Sōmen is the only thing I’ve become able to eat.
Favorite foods Peaches, pasta Peaches, sushi, eel
Favorite sweets Dango covered in sweetened soy sauce, Galbo Japanese sweets in general, ice cream
Books Mostly novels Mostly space science and other science texts
Curfew Sundown None
Favorite colors Red Gold, blue
Collection Photo booth pictures If I had to say, cameras
Personal fad Aloe yogurt, McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Fish sausage, pickled daikon
Qualifications Eiken Pre-2 Eiken Pre-2 and a standard driver’s license (automatics only)
On your wishlist A pager A car
Where you hang out with friends Karaoke, or chatting at restaurants or fast food places Heated stone spas, places with good food and drinks, short trips
Wristwatch Don’t wear one Don’t wear one
Favorite things in miso soup Tubers like sweet potatoes or russet potatoes I like anything so long as it’s not deep-fried
Favorite sushi topping Anago Fish sliced with the skin left on
Favorite season Winter Winter
Dream I want to try working a part-time job I want to go on a trip around the world
Best subjects English, history I don’t remember anything I did in school anymore.
Relaxation Time spent chatting with friends after classes Time spent soaking in the tub and cooking
Comics I read all of “Ping-Pong Club”. I read the ones I played a part in. Aside from that, “Saint Young Men”.
Favorite spots School, the studio The studio, Korea, Europe, Fukuoka, airports, rivers
Skills Impersonating teachers Cooking, waking up early
Time you thought you would die There were several times when I laughed so hard with my friends that I seriously thought I would die of laughter. This year I had my wisdom teeth taken out. The surgeries were so taxing that they inflicted a lot of mental and physical damage.
Fashion All about knee-length skirts. I wear black all the time.
Birthday At home, with family. At the Budōkan, with 13,000 people.