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15th Anniversary Concert “Gift” DVD Cover Art
Maaya Sakamoto 15th Anniversary Concert “Gift” at the Nippon Budōkan

“Gift” MC #6 [revised to include unreleased portions]

Yay. (laugh) You called?


Thanks for waiting.

(several shouts of “Cute!”)

This is amusing. Everyone’s saying I look cute. (laugh)

(cheers, applause)

Really? Ahh, I’m so happy to hear that. But anyway, today is just a single day, it’s really just a one-day concert, so although I’m wearing all these costume-like outfits, today’s the only day I’ll wear them! (laugh) They’re pretty incredible, huh? We put a lot of thought into how to make them look cute even to all of you who are sitting behind the stage today.


I’m glad you like them, really. But you know, the end of this one-day event, just like that, is nearly here. I wish it wasn’t.

(shouts, followed by male voice: “We’re OK with going to midnight!” and laughter, applause)

But really, today the cherry blossoms over at Chidorigafuchi are beautiful, and supposedly when I was born the cherry trees were in full bloom—this has been an amazingly fulfilling day for me.

The pamphlet—it’s expensive, isn’t it? (laugh) Sorry. But I think…

(male voice: “It’s a steal!”)

…I think those who have seen the contents will be happy with it—there are about 150 pages, and we put a whole lot of work into making it.


And Ms. Yōko, who made that quick appearance earlier, took a set of revealing photos—“My goodness, what’s this? Huh? What—what do you call this? Semi-nude?” (laugh) That’s probably an overstatement…. But we could take these pictures because Ms. Kanno was the one behind the camera, and there’s all sorts of other things in there, but in the Editor’s Notes at the end, as the editor of the Monthly 033—I mean the Daily 0331 magazine, this one-day-only magazine, I put down my thoughts, and as I wrote there, today, March 31st 2010, is really one day only. But the truth is every day is one day only, right? I know usually I completely forget about this all the time, but since today just happens to be my birthday, although to all of you it’s just another weekday, we have this festival here, and tomorrow and the next day we each go back to living our own special days—that’s how I’d like to live, and if you sometimes feel bored with your day, remember that it’s a special day, and like we did today listen to some good music—ah, I just complimented my own music…

(laughter, applause)

…listen to some good music, have fun, go out with friends, and like that I hope you’ll enjoy every day in your life. My goal now that I’m 30 is really to enjoy my life. That’s no small thing, wouldn’t you agree? I’d really like to enjoy my life, enjoy every day that I live from now on, and that’s my number-one goal.

The following was not included in the DVD/Blu-ray release and was transcribed from a private recording:

And one more thing—this is something we always do at every concert, but we’ve printed a charity postcard. It’s a two-card set like before. We’ll donate the money from the sales of these postcards to the Red Cross. I say this every time, but I hope we can take the feelings of happiness and enjoyment enclosed in this space here and have them break through the roof of the Budōkan and let others in a wider area share in them. This is something we’ve printed since my first concert, and we’re still making them today. So if you’d like, please pick up a set.

The DVD/Blu-ray release resumes at this point:

Now then, I guess I’ll sing.


So, I’d like to call out one more time everyone in the band that has backed me up today!

(applause at the arrival of the band)

Thank you for wearing the T-shirts, everyone. Even though I’m not. (laugh) Sorry about that.

Wait a second—is that a second drum set up front? What’s that there for? Not for me to play, that’s for sure. (laugh) Actually, today being my birthday, I’ve always wanted to try out having twin drums. I’d like to bring out one more guest. Someone who has written many songs for me: Ms. Shōko Suzuki!

(cheers, applause at Ms. Suzuki’s appearance)

The following was not included in the DVD/Blu-ray release and was transcribed from a private recording:

(the audience sings “Happy Birthday” [with Suzuki leading?])

(cheers, applause)

(lost in applause) Amazing!

(cheers, applause)

Thank you so much. And for singing too. (laugh) That was incredible. (remainder unintelligible)

(laughter, applause)

What am I supposed to do with the cake? Leave it here while I sing? OK? Well then…

(applause, cheers)

(takes a bite of cake)

(shouts of “How is it?”)

(mouth full of cake) Yummy.

(laughter, applause)

The DVD/Blu-ray release resumes at this point:

And now, the song I’d like Ms. Shōko to play is this one! A Jet Waiting for Wind!