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Web Special: everywhere (Part 3)

30 Questions for Maaya Sakamoto!

Beyond listening to the music, knowing about the singer lets you enjoy songs on a deeper level. With that in mind, we posed 30 personal questions to Maaya Sakamoto, who turned 30 on March 31 (Happy Birthday!!!).

Tell us about your personal data. (Place of residence, blood type, astrological sign, etc.)

Tōkyō, type A, Aries.

Analyze your personality. What is your strength?

I’m a hard worker.

Analyze your personality. What is your weakness?

I forget things immediately.

Special skills?

I forget things immediately.


Reading and traveling.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

A writer (or a lyricist).

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Dried potato slices.

Favorite entertainer?


Favorite artist?


First CD you ever bought?

Love Will Win” by KAN (around fifth grade).

Genre of music you’ve been listening to recently?

Recently I haven’t listened to any music.

Favorite song?

Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”.

Favorite book?

“Kingdom, Part 1: Andromeda Heights” (Banana Yoshimoto).

Favorite movie?

“The Purple Rose of Cairo” (Woody Allen).

Favorite place?

Europe (various places visited on a 37-day solo trip last year across nine countries in Europe).

Song that affects you deeply?

I cry when I hear Yōsui Inoue’s “The Two Who Can’t Return” and Yumi Arai’s “If I’m Surrounded by Kindness”.

Somehing you’ve recently been immersed in?


Something you want now?

A car.

Happiest when you’re doing what?

Eating outside when the weather is great.

Something not suited to you?


The happiest event of your life?

Too many to choose from.

The most painful event of your life?

Too painful to say.

What were your 20s like?

A time when I absorbed many things.

What do you normally do on your days off?

Go to the gym, meet with people.

Tell us about someone you respect.

Misuzu Kaneko.

In your life, what is your ideal future?

Spending cheerful and lively time with my family.

Words you’ve written on your heart?

“The most important thing for a person to have is imagination.”

An episode from your music career you can’t forget?

In high school, I was embarrassed to see one of my music videos playing in the restaurant we all stopped at on the way home.

What is music to you?

Something that sets me free.