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15th Anniversary Concert “Gift” DVD Cover Art
Maaya Sakamoto 15th Anniversary Concert “Gift” at the Nippon Budōkan

“Gift” MC #4

My first Budōkan concert, and already I’m playing the guitar. (laugh)

(laughter, applause)

Those who have known me for a long time know that I once gave up on the guitar. (laugh) During the last tour, when I played a piano accompaniment, I talked about how wanting to do something makes it possible, so I decided, “Next time I’m playing the guitar!” and I feel like being 30 shouldn’t stop me from trying all sorts of new things, and after playing today, it didn’t sound great, but I’m glad I did it! (laugh).


No matter how old I get, I’ve again sworn in my heart to try anything I feel like trying…. Can I sing some more?

(cheers, applause)