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15th Anniversary Concert “Gift” DVD Cover Art
Maaya Sakamoto 15th Anniversary Concert “Gift” at the Nippon Budōkan

“Gift” MC #1

Everyone, good evening. Maaya Sakamoto is 30!

(cheers, applause)

Today, March 31st, is actually my 30th birthday, and it’s also the release day for my best-hits album “everywhere”.


Thank you. I feel so very, very happy to be able to spend this special day here with all of you, and to have this many people celebrate with me. Everyone here today, welcome to the Budōkan!


This year, I entered the 15th year since my CD debut. With this concert marking my 15th anniversary, all the songs I’ve sung up to today, every one of them, each one to me is priceless and full of memories, and from that list I’ve brought many, many songs to sing today. I’ll sing each song with care. Please stay until the end.