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Part 63 of 68 in a series:

Two weeks have passed since the tour ended. My heart and body are still wrapped in the warm and soft afterechoes. Fellow Kazeyomians, how have you passed the days since then?

To those of you who couldn’t attend, I want to somehow express what kind of tour it was, that it was enjoyable and a wonderful experience, but several rewrites still haven’t given me the words I want. The concerts so overflowed with powerful energy that any choice of words would be inadequate.

I’m simply grateful for you who came after I made you wait for this tour for many years, and for the band members and staff who put their focus on this vision with me when I found the ability to tackle a concert without shying away. I’m very, very thankful for you.

It was just three nights. For me, however, putting on a show that met my personal expectations each time was both a huge challenge and a source of concern. I spoke about the reasons for this during the interludes. Yet the moment it ended, together with a surging sense of relief was an honest desire to do it again.

Starting each concert with “Get No Satisfaction!”, with its opening line of, “Listen to me, I have a dream,” had tremendous meaning in my eyes. As did “Remedy”, a song that showed me exactly how priceless and amazing is the sum of average, commonplace days. And in “Weathervane” I felt as though my entire body resonated with a determination to press forward on this road that has brought me here, this story only I can write.

I also sang many of my early songs as well, with feelings of love and thanks for every song I’ve sung on the way to my “Windreader” album. They may be old songs, but they haven’t at all faded, and I can’t say they don’t fit me. Of course I can’t sing them the same way I did ten years ago, but only I can sing them like I can now. Singing them again made me feel that the past, present, and future are undeniably tied together.

During the celebration after the last show, there were smiles all around as the band, staff, and I went out for refreshing drinks until dawn. The feeling of that atmosphere was beyond words. “That was so fun!” “When’s the next concert?” “What should we do next time?” These sorts of comments came left and right from these beloved and close friends of mine. I had everyone there write something in the margins of a concert pamphlet.

Those messages are the treasure of a lifetime.

I opened the pages to find them covered in heartwarming words that bring tears to my eyes. Beautiful words that seem to impart great strength to me any time I read them. I’m so glad everyone’s here for me. I’m so glad I met them. I’m so glad I’ve kept singing until today…. Though I had to pull my fatigued body home, where I collapsed into bed, inside I felt invigorated and ready to take flight.

To my fellow Kazeyomians,

During this tour this is what I decided to call you who are traveling that path only you can follow through your story. Chance intertwined with chance to bring us together on the same day to the same concert hall, to immerse ourselves in the same music. It was an event of mere hours, but if perchance something we shared in that time is still lingering in your heart, then maybe you can say it was the same as an eternity. Until our paths cross again someday during our separate journeys; until that time, take care!



Part 63 of 68 in a series: