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The Final Fruits

Part 57 of 68 in a series:

I am on an endless quest.

Most likely I am on this quest not alone, but with everyone.

A quest for Reason, Cause, Structure, and Truth.

I forever yearn to know, and so I forever search.

Seeking to know these things is no easy task. It’s grueling, and so on occasion I feel like giving up on my search. But I know I’ll never be able to escape the desire to know.

And I tend not to think I’m going to find an actual answer one day. No sooner do I find what seems to be an answer than it slips from view. Time and again I repeat this cycle. Somehow I’ve come up with the determination to stay on this endless pursuit for the rest of my life.

Here and there are clues left behind, and in gathering them I get closer to the answer. But not all of them are feathery to the touch. I suffer wounds, nearly stumble, and every step exhausts me. I complain for a bit, then return to the chase.

Despite this I want to know—what does it really mean to love and to live?

Even though I know I’ll always be alone no matter where I go, what exactly is this feeling of wanting to be by someone’s side?

What’s the difference between a forever unchanging eternity and a constantly changing moment?

I ask with the intent to accept even an answer that isn’t in the form I hope for.
When I whisper from the depths of my heart, “Tell me,” I sense the world merely nods in silent reply.


Part 57 of 68 in a series: