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New Song: “Universe”

Part 52 of 68 in a series:

Being surrounded by the starry sky of a planetarium always brings an inexpressible feeling.

I feel somewhat terrified, because the sky is so expansive that I can’t discern exactly how vast it is.

Yet I feel somewhat at peace, because it’s terribly beautiful.

And I also feel a kind of extreme loneliness.

It’s often said that on the scale of the universe our existence is an tiny one, but when I think about how we are all leading our tiny lives on a tiny planet in a corner of that universe, all with our own unique thoughts as we look up at the same sky, for some reason it feels very dear.

As we gaze into the depths of the endless, mystery-filled universe, we gaze into the depths of our own hearts.

Those who look up at the sky and pray, those who weep, who smile, who dream, and whose thoughts are of someone else.

Each in his own solitude shares the same universe.


Part 52 of 68 in a series: