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2004 End Notes

Part 38 of 68 in a series:

Eh, the end of the year is fairly upon us.

I’m so sorry for letting “the id” go without an update until this late! It’s been a while. How have you been spending your time?

This month I appeared in the performances of the concert version of “Les Misérables” in the Kantō area and in Nagoya. I’d like to thank everyone who came to see it. These shows were my last time to play Éponine this year, and I’m quite glad to have finished everything well. Now that I think about it, I started the year with “Les Misérables” in Hakata right from the New Year holiday. I remember feeling that starting the year with singing on such a majestic stage set a good tone for the rest of the year. One year really slips by in the blink of an eye—I wonder if I’ve been able to grow a little. I imagine I have. My thoughts today are of next year and wanting to move past where I am now by not just one step but many.

I wonder how 2005 will turn out. In March I’ll turn 25 and reach a quarter of a century—vingt-cinq ans. To think that I’ve grown up this much. It feels somewhat stunning and joyous, somewhat bizarre and matter-of-fact. But for having lived 25 years, I feel like there are too many things I haven’t yet done and haven’t yet learned.

Joining a theater company as a child brought me into contact with forms of expression such as acting and song. Though much has gone on, I imagine I can keep at it even now because I love this work and it’s the one thing I can lose myself in. However, since my time in the children’s theater group 16 years ago, despite my intention to take on everything with all my heart and in my own way, there are still countless things I don’t understand and countless areas where I’m still immature. I reach the summit of one hill only to find another long, uphill road on the other side. And so on, forever. Trying to master something certainly requires a tremendous amount of time. The path before me continues to stretch far ahead. For the time being, I’ll put my thoughts only into getting to the top of the slope in front of me.

I’m thankful to everyone who helped me out this year. I pray that next year will be even more wonderful.

Until then, I wish you a pleasant start to the new year.


Part 38 of 68 in a series: