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So Long, 2002!

Part 25 of 68 in a series:

Wow, how can the year be almost over? Only a few more nights and that’s it.

There’s a perfectly good reason I haven’t been able to update the id at all until the very end of the year! It’s certainly not that I slacked off or that it slipped my mind. I’ve been really, extremely busy. December has made my head spin. But I suppose that’s the case everywhere at this time of year.

At the very least I hoped to wish you all a merry Christmas, but before I knew it Christmas had already slipped by. Christmas Day was taken up by recording, and actually I had secretly planned to surprise everyone in the studio by making some yummy muffins for them. But Christmas found me with not even enough time to take care of my bed hair and get a much-needed manicure, to say nothing of muffins. Which meant that unfortunately my showcasing of homemade muffins will have to wait for some other time. Ms. Kanno, however, showed up that day with cake and champagne, which we all enjoyed together. So I can’t say that I didn’t get at least a small taste of a Christmassy atmosphere. How did you spend your Christmas?

Anyway, with my successful graduation from college, this year turned out well. I’m also glad I took my first trip alone, started going to the gym, bought an iBook, started my new radio show, “Vitamin M”, and celebrated four years of “I.D.” on the radio. I had so much fun this year!

And this coming February my new single, “gravity”, will finally go on sale. It’s actually been a year since my last single. I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting. But to make up for it I have stacks of all sorts of exciting things for you next year! Just between you and me. You won’t want to miss what’s coming!!!

With that, thank you for your kind support this year. I hope that for both you and me, next year is spectacular! Happy new year!!


Part 25 of 68 in a series: